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Bank of Taiwan launch Golden Treasures of Ancient Egypt 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin

The Bank of Taiwan will begin selling Golden Treasures of Ancient Egypt  2oz Silver Antiqued Coin from 18 Sep. 2019 via its website, its Department of Business, its branches (not including mini-branches), and the Bank of Taiwan Museum. The retail price is NT$5,880/piece (The Bank will not repurchase these products from the buyer.)

People love gold for its dazzling brightness. It was worn by the royal family and priests of ancient Egypt as a symbol of nobility. It is also commonly used in monuments and funeral art, most famously the death Mask of Tutankhamun.

The breathtaking "Golden Treasures of Ancient Egypt 2019 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin," minted by the Perth Mint of Australia, is 99.99% pure silver and weighs two ounces. The obverse is embed with a piece of clear dome-shaped Perspex, and injected with 24 carat gold particles suspended in purified mineral oil. The outer ring of the coin is engraved with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and symbols, to represent immortality and the divine image of the royal family. These include the Eye of Horus, a pyramid, a vase, Isis the goddess, an ankh, a scarab, and a death mask. The outer ring of the obverse is depicted with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, minted in 2019, with the denomination of 2 DOLLARS and the country name TUVALU, and the limited global release of 2,500 pieces.

Each coin is placed in a mysterious pyramid-shaped display box. When opened, the mesmerizing silver coin is instantly revealed. In addition to the hieroglyphic decoration, the box itself also features an incarnation of a colored winged scarab symbolizing the God of sun. The pattern on this silver coin is meticulously detailed and full of mystery, injecting it with innovative design aesthetics. Each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and is great for both collection and gift!


Contact: Chiu Chin-hsien, EVP & General Manager, Department of Precious Metals


Tel:        (02) 2349-4760

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