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Bank of Taiwan Opens Jakarta Representative Office

The Bank of Taiwan (BOT) has passed a new milestone in “New Southbound Policy” deployment with the opening of its Jakarta Representative Office on Sept. 23. This follows close on the inauguration of the Bank’s Ho Chi Minh City Representative Office on Aug.14.


Under Chairman Joseph Lyu’s vision of “building a leading bank and deploying throughout the global market,” the BOT is vigorously and pragmatically pursuing international development. Its Sydney Branch, along with representative offices in Bangkok and Frankfort, began operating in 2018; its representative office in Manila opened for business in January this year, followed in August by the one in Ho Chi Minh City and now by the latest, with strong support from the Indonesian Financial Services Authority, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, in Jakarta. The establishment of a representative office in Kuala Lumpur has been approved by the local authorities there and preparations are under way for its establishment—the latest manifestation of the BOT’s international ambitions.


Indonesia is blessed with rich natural resources, a strong demographic dividend, and a central location in the ASEAN area. Over the past several years it has benefited from a growing boom in regional trade and economic activity as well as the rapid development of industry and services (including e-commerce), resulting in a brilliant economic performance. The capital city, Jakarta, is Indonesia’s economic, cultural, and political center, and the new BOT office will help Taiwanese businesses take advantages of the opportunities presented by Indonesia’s economic growth. The new office will carry out integrated marketing together with the BOT’s overseas branches and its OBU, and will work with the Bank’s New Southbound Financial Committee to develop customer sources in the ASEAN area and help Taiwanese businesses develop there. The new office will also strive to boost the effectiveness of the BOT’s business development model by strengthening cooperation with local landmark financial institutions and transnational banks so as to make full use of complementary advantages and create a win-win situation.


The representative in charge of the Jakarta Representative Office is Mr. William W.H. Tso. The office is located in the Sanayan area of Jakarta, on the 26th Floor, 26-03, Gedung Artha Graha, Sudirman Central Business District, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav, 52-53 Jakarta 12190. Its telephone number is +(62-21) 515-3386. You are welcome to contact the Jakarta Representative Office and make use of all the services it offers.



Contact personThomas K.C.Wu, Executive Vice President and General

Manager, Department of International Banking

Contact number(02)2349-3814

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