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BOT Works with Taiwan Financial HoldingsTo Spread Love and Care to the Disabled

The Bank of Taiwan is fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by supporting disadvantaged groups. On Sept. 19 the BOT’s senior executive vice president, Lin, Chun-Liang, led colleagues from the BOT and Taiwan Financial Holdings to show love and care for the disabled at the Ai-Wei Mercy Home in New Taipei City, at the same time providing sponsorship for the “Daily Necessities and Facilities Subsidy Program” to help the Mercy Home procure bathing beds, TVs, refrigerators, and other equipment that will improve the home’s environment and enhance the quality of its care. This will help the home’s residents to enjoy a quality life.

      The Ai-Wei Mercy Home was established by the Yonghe Branch of Cardinal Tien Hospital and sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary to care for the severely disabled. It now serves 156 residents; most are from low- and mid-income families, and almost 40 have no one else to depend on. The Home provides all of their living expenses, and to do that it needs donations and other support from kindhearted individuals and groups. Senior Executive Vice President Lin expressed deepest respect for the efforts that the Home’s leaders and workers have devoted to providing a warm and stable “happy home” for this most helpless of all disadvantaged groups.

      The BOT holds to the operating principle of “Whatever is taken from society, use for society,” and cares deeply for disadvantaged groups. Through its charity work the Bank hopes to “attract jade by throwing bricks” so that disadvantaged groups will enjoy yet more warm care and assistance, and that the positive energy of goodness and beauty will create a society filled with love and warmth.

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