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Bank of Taiwan launch 2019 Fine Silver Coin Sky Wonders: "STEVE"

The Bank of Taiwan will begin selling 2019 Fine Silver Coin Sky Wonders: "STEVE" from 23 Oct. 2019 via its website, its Department of Business, its branches (not including mini-branches), and the Bank of Taiwan Museum. The retail price is NT$2,982/piece (The Bank will not repurchase these products from the buyer.)


Sky Wonder "STEVE" is a rare and amazing sight at night. Appearing as a mysterious purple light, it is often accompanied by a novel green light. In 2016, the Canadian Aurora Chasers brought it to the attention of the scientific community. The astronomical phenomenon is related to sub-auroral ion drift, and the mysterious purple light came to be known as "Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement." The mystery of "STEVE" was then unveiled.


The Royal Canadian Mint has released a series of silver coins with the theme of Sky Wonders. The second coin Sky Wonders –"STEVE" Fine Silver Coin features a thin light crossing the night sky on its theme side. Like a purple passage to the sky, it accompanies the green light to complement the finely engraved lakeside camp. Meanwhile, the words "CANADA 2019" are embossed along the bottom edge. The obverse side features the raised likeness of England's Queen Elizabeth II in profile, with the coin's face value- 20 DOLLARS - embossed along the bottom edge.


The "STEVE", which is crafted of 99.99% fine silver and struck to a flawless proof finish, weighs 31.39 grams and is limited to just 5,000 coins worldwide. The colorful and rare astronomical wonder of the "STEVE" on the reverse side of the coin are visible under any lighting conditions, but the collector also receives a black-light flashlight that activates the illusion of dancing light even more clearly. Each coin is mounted in a display box and comes with a guarantee certificate, so it's ideal as either a collector's piece or a gift item.



Contact: Chiu Chin-hsien, EVP & General Manager, Department of Precious Metals


Tel:        (02) 2349-4760

Business line:(02) 2349-4506

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