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Bank of Taiwan Launches the Nationwide “Reverse Mortgage” Loan to Create a Friendly Financial Environment

With changes in social trends, improvement in the overall living environment, and the advancement of medical technology, the proportion of the aging population continues to rise at a rapid rate in Taiwan. By 2018, the country had already become an aged society where the elderly aged over 65 accounted for more than 14% of the total population. In 2026, the country would likely become a super-aged society where the elderly aged over 65 account for 20% of the total population.


In response to the advent of an aging society and the government’s policy of Reverse Mortgage loan for the elderly, the Bank of Taiwan started to launch the “Lohas Retirement” loan projects in 2016. It is a type of “Reverse Mortgage” loan to help the elderly revitalize their real estate by being able to obtain the funds needed for pensions and improving life quality. To create a friendly financial environment, the Bank of Taiwan started to initiate the nationwide “Lohas Retirement” loan projects since October 2019 to implement its financial inclusion policy. The objectives are to realize a more favorable financial environment, popularize the financial service needs for the elderly, and improve the overall economics for the elderly.


The Bank of Taiwan’s “Lohas Retirement” loan application is simple. Residents aged 65 or above are eligible to apply if they are capable of providing evidence of certified ownership of land and building that is self-occupied. The Bank of Taiwan will specifically exempt the borrower from evaluation of repayment ability and appropriate the monthly loan to the borrower during the mortgage term of up to a maximum of 30 years. The purpose is to allow the elderly to enjoy a higher quality of old age living in dignity.


Contact person:

Wu Mei-ling, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Consumer Finance Department at Tel: (02) 2349-3377


For inquiries, please contact:

Huang Qi-min, Senior Banking Officer & Assistant General Manager of Consumer Finance Department at Tel: (02) 2349-3333#204

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