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Bank of Taiwan launches Commemorative Coin for the Always Together 2020 1/2oz Proof Coin

The Bank of Taiwan will begin selling Commemorative Coin for the Always Together 2020 1/2oz Proof Coin from 15 April, 2020 via its website, its Department of Business, and its branches (not including mini-branches). The retail price is NT$1,890/piece (The Bank will not repurchase these products from the buyer.)


Warm May feelings, sending kind-hearted wishes… Whether it's for mothers or for sweeties, there are days to thank them all in May, so choose the perfect gift for the person you love!

This silver coin's thematic illustration is two cute sea otters, holding hands as they swim in the water. The coin's legend reads "ALWAYS TOGETHER". Sea otters are social creatures; families form social units, who hold hands and float together on the ocean. When sea otter mothers feed their pups, the pups rest on their mothers' bellies. When they sleep, the otters embrace each other to avoid being separated by currents. Such a perfect expression of love!


This silver coin is issued by Australia's Perth Mint. Each ½ oz. coin has 99.99% pure silver content. The obverse is carved with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, the "2020" year of issue, the monetary denomination "50 CENTS", and the country name "TUVALU". The entire issue is limited to 7500 coins. The coins are cast via the precision casting method; the coin surface presents a unique mirror gloss, which sets off the colored thematic illustration and makes it more delicate and delightful. Each set also includes a display case and certificate of authenticity, making these silver coins ideally suited for collecting or giving as a gift to friends and family!


Contact William Wang, SVP and General Manager,

       Department of  Precious Metals    Tel: (02) 2349-4760


       Business line:                       (02) 2349-3851

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