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Bank of Taiwan Brings Cool Comfort to the Disabled

Bank of Taiwan Chairman Joseph Jye-cherng Lyu led a group of colleagues from the BOT and the BankTaiwan Life Insurance Co. on a mission of love and care to the Hung-Chia Sanctuary for the Handicapped in Tainan on July 3 this year. The group donated money to help the Sanctuary replace its ceiling fans, providing its disadvantaged residents a safer and more pleasant living environment while allowing them to pass the hot summer in cool comfort.

The Hung-Chia Sanctuary for the Handicapped was established in 1983 as Taiwan’s first charity sheltered workshop for the handicapped. Taking “heartfelt concern, professional service, and substantive support” as its objectives, the Sanctuary provides vocational training and employment support to persons with mental and multiple disabilities. It currently cares for more than 160 disabled persons, from all over Taiwan, who come from medium- and low-income families, are orphans, have no relatives, or are unable, for some reason, to return home. When the Bank of Taiwan learned of the plan to replace the Sanctuary’s ceiling fans, it proactively worked with BankTaiwan Life Insurance to sponsor the cost as a manifestation of the social concern of the entire Taiwan Financial Holdings Co. The aim of this endeavor is to enhance living standards and to encourage other organizations to follow suit and join in a concerted and ongoing effort to promote social well-being.

The Bank of Taiwan has always followed the philosophy of “giving back to society what it takes from society,” and places strong emphasis on the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility. Under the leadership of Chairman Lyu, the Bank not only pursues growth in the financial arena but also cares deeply about disadvantaged groups and participates enthusiastically in charitable activities with the aim of creating a harmonious society filled with love and warmth.

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