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Student Loan Application for the 1st Semester of 2019 Academic Year Will Start Soon--Please Visit “Bank of Taiwan Student Loans Portal” to Apply early

Student loan applications for the 2019 1st semester will be accepted between August 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019. Please visit the “Bank of Taiwan Student Loan Portal” to fill in an online application to save onsite waiting time. All branches of Bank of Taiwan (except simplified branches) accept applications.

Since the 2012 academic year, Bank of Taiwan has begun to promote “Online Student Loan Applications” for students who continue their study in the same program, and the bank has received recognition from the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education even calls for educational instutitions to activiely participate and cooperate with the implementation of online student loan applications to make the application process easier for students to save time and avoid inconvenience arising from waiting and transportation. In addition, those who apply for student loans online can get a 50% discount off the administration fee. Moreover, students who apply for student loans through the Bank of Taiwan for the first time are suggested to open a savings account as well as getting access to online banking to facilitate the “Online Student Loan Application” process in the future and deduct the renewal fee automatically. For more information, please visit the “Bank of Taiwan Student Loans Portal” ( or contact a local branch.

To ensure assistance for financially disadvantaged students, the government has initiated the student loan program and negotiated with many banks to get lower loan interest rates, which has benefited many students. In order to continue supporting students, the Bank of Taiwan will spare no efforts in cooperating with the government. The Bank of Taiwan hopes that students with student loans can complete their studies and lay a good academic foundation that will assist them in their future careers and enable them to give back to their country and society.


Contact: Manager Wu, Department of Consumer Finance;022349-3377

For Inquiries, Contact: Division Chief Ho, Department of Consumer Finance;0223493333-305

Customer Service: 0800-025168 or 02-21910025

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