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Bank of Taiwan launch Abacus 2019 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin

The Bank of Taiwan will begin selling Abacus 2019 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin from 21 Aug. 2019 via its website, its Department of Business, its branches (not including mini-branches), and the Bank of Taiwan Museum. The retail price is NT$5,670/piece (The Bank will not repurchase these products from the buyer.)

The extensive Silk Road spans 64,000 km between East and West, opening the first trade route connecting ancient China, the Middle East and Europe. Merchants started to use the abacus, a portable counting device, to do the accurate calculation for goods traded along the way, accumulating a great amount of wealth.

The Abacus 2019 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin is minted by the Perth Mint and contains 999.9% silver. A movable golden abacus is embedded in the coin center. On the coin's outer ring, Silk Road travelers on camels and traded goods are depicted, which include pottery, textiles, fruits, paper, fragrances, spices, etc. On the front side, the golden abacus in the middle is surrounded by bead symbols. The outer ring depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the year of issuance (2019), coin weight/fineness (2oz 9999Ag), monetary denomination (2 Dollars), and country name (Tuvalu) carved. Only 2,500 coins are issued in the world.

The silver coin is innovatively designed with the detailed and delicate pattern. Its antique coin processing technique creates a unique sense of aesthete. Placing the coin in an elegant black display case, the delicate patterns on both sides can be fully presented. Each coin also comes with a certificate. It is an ideal option for personal collection, souvenirs, and gifts for family and friends!

Contact: Chiu Chin-hsien, EVP & General Manager, Department of Precious Metals


Tel:        (02) 2349-4760

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