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To implement corporate social responsibility, Bank of Taiwan (BOT), together with Franklin Templeton Investments, organized the Bank of Taiwan VIP Banking "Bringing Fun to Kids Together" charity event-cum-investment and financial management session. World Vision invited 120 children and the families of BOT wealth management VIPs to jointly participate in this event, while BOT Chairman Mr. Joseph Jye-Cherng Lyu personally attended the certificate of appreciation-giving ceremony organized by World Vision. The families of BOT wealth management VIPs spent a great time together with the children from World Vision during the hot summer day, filling each participant with warm and fulfilling memories.

BOT cares for disadvantaged groups by continuously spreading love and care. Following the charity concert "Boundless Warmth and Love through Beautiful Melodies" in May, BOT once again collaborated with Franklin Templeton Investments to organize this family charity event, in order to express its utmost gratitude to the VIPs for their long-term support and recognition, as well as fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

In addition to hosting investment and financial management seminars to enrich VIPs' understanding of financial management and keep abreast of market developments, the children were taken to the "Garfield's 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition - One More Adventure", enabling the children to experience an adventurous spirit and move forward with courage based on the exclusive Garfield Labyrinth theme. In the afternoon, arrangements were made for the children to watch the popular live action remake of the movie "The Lion King", in hopes of encouraging the children, in a fun and educational way through the story of Simba becoming the Lion King after experiencing hardships and understanding the essence of responsibility, to bravely accept challenges with a positive and optimistic attitude when encountering difficulties.

With support and love from wealth management VIPs, the wealth management service which BOT has been running for nearly 12 years, has grown stronger and stronger along the way. BOT employees have earned recognition for their performance by serving customers in adherence to the business philosophy of "integrity, care, efficiency, and prudence" as BOT has received numerous evaluation awards from various media outlets and magazines. This year, BOT once again received the "Best Customer Referral Award" and the "Best Creative Marketing - Video Award" given by Wealth Magazine during the 2019 Wealth Management Awards, and was awarded first place in the "Best Product Award" and second place in the "Best Senior Friendly Award" by Business Today Magazine during the Wealth Management Bank Evaluation. BOT further stated that customer trust is the greatest asset of BOT. Financial planners at BOT have always placed a high priority on customer needs by introducing the most suitable and appropriate wealth management products to customers, thereby gaining high levels of trust from customers.

In recent years, fulfilling corporate social responsibility has become a vital part of BOT's business development. By upholding the belief of "giving back to society what is taken from society", BOT organizes various types of charity events every year to implement the idea of caring for society through concrete actions and spread love to all corners of society, with a view to becoming a high-quality role model for Taiwan's stated-owned banks in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

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